In order to achieve the goals stated in the purpose of Kingdom Rule, we have three main focus in our activities.

Teaching and training is our first main focus. Through the prophetic inspiration of the Holy Spirit in combination with profound knowledge of and insight into the Bible, we teach on issues related to true discipleship and maturity in Christ. Most of the themes we teach have been inspired by what we encounter frequently in our prayer ministry. Some important themes we encounter are themes that affect spiritual growth such as: the spirit of religion, rejection, fear and anxiety, orphan spirit, heart of the Father, transformation of the mind, personal identity, and related issues.

The second main focus is prophetic deliverance and healing, and personal restoration. Prophetic prayer means prayer not only through the power of the Holy Spirit but also under the direct inspiration of Him. We spend a sizable amount of our time praying for individual believers through appointment. This is an intensive time where we go deeper into root issues that blocked disciples who want more of God. Included in this is prayer for inner healing of hurts and trauma’s of the emotions, and prayer for their physical healing. In our seminars, we have included a time of collective prayer. We have trained a number of teams for this prophetic deliverance and healing, and they pray for those who need individual prayers at the end of the seminar.

Their third main focus is prayer and counseling toward a new reformation in the Netherlands. We have been leading a prophetic worship and intercession group for the Netherlands for some years now. It has been our desire since we started this sort of worship and prophetic intercession that this will spread throughout the land. Indeed we have seen some fruits of this. In relation to this, we send out frequently prayer alerts , and more recently the Word of the month to help intercessors and leaders with insights how to pray for further breakthrough in the Netherlands.