cenjwJan Willem comes from a Calvinist background with a strong emphasis on Bible knowledge and systematic theology. He has a Ph.D in cultural anthropology and has worked in this field at the universities of Utrecht and Leiden before. Cora is originally from the Philippines. She has a catholic background but was converted during her student days under the influence of the Christian student movement IVCF. She has a bachelor’s degree in Library Science from the University of the Philippines and a Dip.Th from DTC (a two-year Bible discipleship training in Singapore). She has worked as a librarian and as an editor of English books.

Jan Willem and Cora Bakker were first involved in prophetic intercessions for Netherlands and the world. Later they led prophetic intercessions onsite in Netherlands, and participated in prophetic intercession journeys elsewhere in Europe. Through their research in the spiritual situation and history of the Netherlands , they acquired a strong desire to see God’s destiny for this people and nation fulfilled. After God called them and after they received commissioning to do this, they founded this ministry in 2004.

Kingdom Rule Ministries has Board members. We are also supported by prayer teams and a worship team in the activities of the ministry. There are also those who partner with us in this ministry through their prayer and financial support. Further, we are assisted by our sons and friends in various capacities in administration, website, and activities.

The main purpose of Kingdom Rule is to support the body of Christ and equip it in its task to advance and shape God’s heavenly kingdom on this earth. This advance is not limited to the walls of Christian churches. Believers are also called to influence society with the ‘light and salt’ of the gospel. We are called to rule with Christ after His return. But the Lord wants to prepare us and to lead us how to exercise this task now.